The Infinite Impossibilities of Spirituality

When I was a Christian, I thought I had an open mind and that the rest of the world was deceived. When I graduated into New Age spirituality, I thought I found the fountainhead of infinite possibilities. But when I took the “Infinite Possibilities” doctrine literally by exploring¬†atheism, naturalism, skepticism, and science, I fumbled uponContinue reading “The Infinite Impossibilities of Spirituality”

The 17 Red Flags of Spiritual Teachers

The 17 Red Flags of Spiritual Teachers Red Flag #1 – They demonize mainstream science while relying on it to wow their audience. They cherry picking science to fit their story about invisible people (dualism). Red Flag #2 – They present advanced scientific subjects to their secular audience to overwhelm and astonish them with knowledgeContinue reading “The 17 Red Flags of Spiritual Teachers”