Is Richard Dolan Covering up a Staged Alien Invasion Psyop?

Richard Dolan believes the UFO phenomenon is an authentic alien presence and that the ‘staged alien invasion theory’ is false. Zzenn shows evidence of a plot for a staged alien invasion by the global elite and why Dolan is either a disinformation agent or unknowingly being used by U.S. intelligence agencies.

Rupert Spira and Advaita Exposed

The truth is, the shift into presence was really just a beginning. It was the beginning of seeing everything within my conditioning that had been hidden and unconscious all my life. Yet, when I looked around for teachings that helped me understand this post-awakening process, I found very little help. In fact, most teachers seemedContinue reading “Rupert Spira and Advaita Exposed”

Amy Carlson DEAD | Love Has Won Cult

Authorities have arrested seven people in a southern Colorado home after the body of the leader of the cult “Love Has Won” was found wrapped in a sleeping bag and and Christmas lights in a southern Colorado home. Amy Carlson, known as “Mother God” by her followers, was found dead in a home in theContinue reading “Amy Carlson DEAD | Love Has Won Cult”

Lloyd Pye and his Fake Starchild Alien Skull

Once again, a UFO researcher, possessed by adult-child logic, denies the evidence and rationalizes his wishful thinking — enter Lloyde Pye. In 1999, Lloyd Pye and a neonatal nurse named Melanie Young founded The Starchild Project. The project was centered around a mysterious skull given to Melanie in 1998. Mrs. Young received two skulls from an ‘unpublishedContinue reading “Lloyd Pye and his Fake Starchild Alien Skull”

The Billy Meier UFO Hoax Exposed

Watch video version of this article HERE In all of UFO lore, the Billy Meier case takes the cake. Never before in all my years of debunking have I seen such blatant denial around a hilarious scam. The international spoke person for the Billy Meier cult, Michael Horn, wins the award for “stubbornness” in theContinue reading “The Billy Meier UFO Hoax Exposed”

Boyd Bushman’s Death Bed Confession

Among the many debunked alien stories over the 20th and 21st century, none are more blatant than Boyd Bushman‘s death bed confession. Boyd was a retired senior aerospace engineer from Lockheed Martin who held a “top secret clearance” and claimed colleagues from the defense industry furnished him with undeniable proof of aliens for over a decade.Continue reading “Boyd Bushman’s Death Bed Confession”