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Zzenn is an author, musical artist, philosopher, bio-spiritual teacher/guide and podcaster. His books challenge long held ideas about religion and spirituality and offer a body-based alternative.

He produced over 700 YouTube videos exposing New Age cult ideology, published 2 books and wrote and illustrated a children’s book. He coached spiritual seekers worldwide, produced two music albums, five music videos and taught a body-based method of spirituality called “BioSpirituality” through numerous videos and articles, including in-depth knowledge on kundalini.

In his first book “unSpirituality: Permission to be Human” Zzenn writes about his philosophy called “unSpirituality” which is a human-based redefinition of spirituality based on 30 years of experience.

In his next book “unSpiritual: A Spiritual Journey” he chronicled his spiritual quest from generational child abuse, through religion and spirituality, to an epic 5 week spiritual transformation.

His music “ZzennSong” came out of his life’s journey and played a key role in his numerous shamanic/kundalini experiences all of which are detailed in his life story.

Watch a short documentary of Zzenn’s Spiritual Journey

Listen to the free audio version of unSpiritual: A Spiritual Journey | Read by Zzenn

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