The Infinite Impossibilities of Spirituality

When I was a Christian, I thought I had an open mind and that the rest of the world was deceived. When I graduated into New Age spirituality, I thought I found the fountainhead of infinite possibilities. But when I took the “Infinite Possibilities” doctrine literally by exploring atheism, naturalism, skepticism, and science, I fumbled upon an unexpected discovery.

I learned that the New Ageism of spiritual belief looked and sounded just like the Christian duck. Baffled by this quandary, I went rushing back to the village of ‘open-minded’ spiritual people to convince others that I had expanded my possibilities.

I told them I had experienced a profound kundalini experience, became an atheist, gained profound insights on evolution and psycho-emotional energy, rooted in childhood, and new neuroscience on the mind and many other revelations. I figured that the very community that promoted the doctrine of “Infinite Possibilities” would come to embrace this hero’s adventurous return.

Unfortunately, I was to learn that the infinite possibilities of spiritual people were not so infinite. The dogma of Infinite Possibilities was limited to a faith-based belief system called Dualism. It is the belief of a soul in a body that reincarnates lifetime after lifetime and continues in an afterlife.

Dumbstruck by this “duck” I had known so well before, I was forced into a perplexing situation. Step back in line with the socially approved dogma or go public with my expanded reality. Being true to my adventurous flesh, I embraced the latter and launched unSpirituality followed by several books.

I will list a few of the Infinite Impossibilities I discovered in the repackaged religion of spirituality:

  1. It is not possible that God or a Quantum Consciousness doesn’t exist.
  2. It is not possible that the soul does not exist.
  3. It is not possible that there is no afterlife.
  4. It is not possible that there is no spirit realm.
  5. It is not possible that science is correct about evolution.
  6. It is not possible that spirit is human psycho-emotional energy.
  7. It is not possible that famous New Age teachers are totally wrong about Quantum Physics.
  8. It is not possible that the movie “What the Bleep” is based on pseudoscience.
  9. It is not possible that channelers are not really talking to aliens.
  10. It is not possible that channelers are bamboozling the public.
  11. It is not possible that science has made the world better.
  12. It is not possible that neuroscience has disproved the idea of a “soul” by making major breakthroughs in brain science.
  13. It is not possible that the soul is human feeling, the sense of self within.

OR how about . . .The infinite possibilities of getting a great job, an amazing doctor, a new place to live, a bigger bank account, solving a problem in your community, ending child abuse, healing personal trauma, preventing crime, increasing education etc., etc. All things in the real world rather than an alternate universe.

I often like to say that it takes a courageous application of infinite possibilities to embrace one’s limits as well as one’s potentials. To imagine the infinite ways one is limited, can be a very insightful exercise considering that the “light of possibility” can trap a person into infinite delusion.

I could go on and on but I think I’ve made my point. Even so, I run into mini debates on a regular basis with spiritual people who believe or should I say ‘know’ that what they believe is the Truth. I even try to show them that the feeling of “certainty” is a left-over evolutionary trait that isn’t always correct. But just like it is when debating any person of faith, it boils down to just that . . . Faith!

Despite the philosophical rejection, my rebellion against fixed ideas shall continue. I have no idea whether or not we are souls or if we live on in a spirit realm but it is very liberating to entertain the idea that its suspiciously a total fantasy (we could just as easily be inter-dimensional insectizoids or weird blobs of shape-shifting Mother Goose apparitions). And furthermore, I highly doubt it based on the growing lack of evidence, breakthroughs in neuroscience, my personal experiences and the history of metaphysical bamboozling.

I continue to celebrate the very universe in which I live through my eyes, breath and beating heart. The natural world that my senses can feel and taste, requires no alternate universe other than the magical thoughts and feelings it generates. This includes the amazing stories my brain can create and the nervous system that fills me with wonder, power, and excitement…. the “presence” typically projected into the ethers.

Add to that the potential of human metamorphosis through the kundalini experience and what that may entail in our ongoing evolution. I am optimistic that religion and spirituality will be translated into the human experience and credit given its proper due — the Human Animal, its Inner World, and the Evolutionary Continuum!


Published by Zzenn

Zzenn Loren is an author, musical artist, philosopher, bio-spiritual teacher/guide, subjective explorer and podcaster. His books challenge long held ideas about religion and spirituality and offer a body-based alternative.

2 thoughts on “The Infinite Impossibilities of Spirituality

  1. Hey Zzenn. We feel suicidal just listening to your endless ramblings. Fix yourself before criticizing others.


  2. lol….YOU feel suicidal and you tell me to fix myself? I recommend taking some responsibility for yourself and grow up. No one is forcing you to watch my show.


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