Alex Jones and the Horrors of Jesus

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CAUTION: This article contains information that may trigger people of faith.

This article is about human freedom from religious indoctrination in the political square, and the dangers inherent in the Christian ideology of human sacrifice and original sin as promoted by Alex Jones. To be clear, I am for freedom of religion and freedom from religion, and think there should be a science based secular approach to our government, regarding human affairs and policy decisions.

I am not addressing Alex Jones as a freedom fighter. I am exposing him for promoting a religion based in human sacrifice, and the hypocrisy of projected totalitarianism. His religion is an OBEY OR DIE doctrine dictated by a cosmic ruler of relentless violence. It violates the very foundation for which he fights. I think Alex is sincere, and he has my respect for fighting the good fight, but he is grossly deluded regarding his religious faith and invokes an education in this matter.

Most Christians, I believe, are good people. But they are ignorant of the blind side of their faith. I want to emphasize that you do not need to be a Christian to be ethical and moral. You are already ONE with all life. Call it god, the universe, or nothing, you have nothing to earn or obey.

May this article enlighten you and open a world of natural goodness given to you by birth.

You are not born in sin.

Christians check out The Thinking Atheist

The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…

— U.S. Treaty with Tripoli, 1797

Let me establish that I am not a leftist nor a right winger, I am an independent who thinks for himself in support of human rights. I am perfectly fine with the belief in a Supreme Being (Deism as the Founding Fathers believed), but I condemn the cult of Christianity based in human sacrifice. If you are an open-minded Christian, I urge you to set aside your belief system for a moment and read this entire article.

As a bit of a conspiracy junkie myself, over the years, I have watched Alex Jones hit the airwaves with thunderous rants and entertaining dialog on informative topics. He has been right on the mark with many events unfolding on the planet and fallen short with the fear mongering and hype. Either way, the fact that he was the first to get banned on all major social media platforms should raise an eyebrow for a closer look. Agree or disagree, censorship is tyranny. But this article is not about Alex’s conspiracy theories, its about the elephant in the room no-one seems to be addressing — his appeal to Christianity.

President Trump Tells Story of Jesus in 2020Twitter Message

Alex Jones speaks out against Satanic child sacrifice and at the same time believes that Jesus — “Gods Child” — was tortured and sacrificed to redeem him from God’s wrath. Alex believes you must OBEY God or you will be thrown into a cosmic incinerator.

If Alex Jones is for human freedom, then why is he preaching Christianity in a political public square to untold numbers of people who are not Christian, and in many cases, offended by the idea of human sacrifice and atonement? How does a religion that believes billions of people will be tortured forever in hell, if they do not accept the bloody sacrifice of their God, represent human goodness? When did the U.S. Government become the platform for Christian evangelism? You see it from the top down through prayers, bibles and political rallies.

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Recently, there was the Million MAGA March, Stop the Steal, and March for Trump events in Washington D.C. (12/12/2020). I decided to broadcast a YouTube live stream on the reactions of both sides of the political spectrum.

During the Live Stream, every Trump event I covered were political rallies turned into Christian church services. I was surprised at the thousands of people who were praising Trump and worshiping Jesus without consideration for all the non-Christian people in the country who were pro Trump.

According to statistics in 2019, Christians represent 65% of the total adult population of the United States. What about the rest of us? The atheists, agnostics, pagans, secular humanists, other religions and everyday non-believers, who have to endure our leaders praying to Jesus and making policy decisions about war. Ya smell what I’m smoking? Armegeddon? The Apocalypse?

In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace

And yet, if you were a secular Trump supporter attending these rallies, you had to either tolerate the offensive preaching or leave the rally. It seems to me that these Trumpers are so blinded by their religion that they can’t see how it effects other people. The reason for this is because they believe its the ultimate truth — thus, they feel entitled.

So whether you like it or not, you are going to listen to their gospel because they care for your soul. As you will see in a minute, there is nothing loving about the Christian God. I understand that for so many this is all they know and they don’t see how love can be masked in violence. But unless it is exposed for what it is, it will continue on.

The U.S. Constitution is Secular, Not Christian

I shouldn’t find it fascinating that Trump supporters are primarily Christian, and as much as they love the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they magically overlook the separation of church and state. They also claim America was founded as a Christian nation, and yet, they are ignorant of what the constitution implies as well as the position of several founding fathers on the subject.

The U.S. Constitution is a wholly secular document. It contains no mention of Christianity or Jesus Christ. In fact, the Constitution refers to religion only twice in the First Amendment, which bars laws “respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” and in Article VI, which prohibits “religious tests” for public office. Both of these provisions are evidence that the country was not founded as officially Christian.

The Founding Fathers did not create a secular government because they disliked religion. Many were believers themselves. Yet they were well aware of the dangers of church-state union. They had studied and even seen first-hand the difficulties that church-state partnerships spawned in Europe. During the American colonial period, alliances between religion and government produced oppression and tyranny on our own shores.

The majority of the Founding Fathers who retained Christian loyalties believed in little or none of the miracles and supernaturalism inherent in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Included were John Adams, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and James Monroe. They believed in Deism. Deism is the philosophical position that rejects spiritual revelation as a source of knowledge and asserts that reason and observation of the natural world are sufficient to establish the existence of a Supreme Being. It was more of a pantheism meets science rather than a crucified savior meets humanity position.

Thomas Jefferson’s position toward Christianity was far from supportive. Jefferson rejected the Christian Trinity and the divinity of Jesus Christ. He rejected the entire Biblical story Alex Jones preaches. He considered the miracles of Jesus, the resurrection, atonement, and original sin a doctrine of God condemning humanity for the sins of Adam and Eve — he called it a gross injustice.

But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to reason that imposing a religion on a society from the government pulpit on the human sacrifice of a God is wholly unjust in itself. Its one thing to believe in a supreme being and another to invoke Jesus, atonement, and original sin.

How can you trust a government to make policy decisions based on a Bible that promises a catastrophic Armageddon? As I say in my podcast, the Apocalypse is a manmade psyop created by the transnational elite. The Bible is merely a program they follow. Look into weather warfare and ‘end of world’ media programming. Todays unfolding events are manmade.

You Don’t Need God to be Good

There’s a common misconception that humans cannot be good without God. And yet the facts are, that secular countries and states have the lowest crimes rates in the world, and religious countries/states have the highest. Morality is not the sole domain of organizations with fear-based doctrines that compel people into ethical submission. If human beings are treated well growing up, they get educated, and have a decent understanding of healthy social behavior, they tend to function quite well without religious fear-based motivation.

Secular Societies Fare Better Than Religious Societies

Contrary to Alex Jones’s default position on Orthodox Christian doctrine, you don’t have to be a Christian to be pro-human and against human rights violations. The world is filled with social workers and humanitarians that do more on a daily basis for human beings than most Christians do in a year. They do not need to convert anyone to their religion, nor do they believe people are born in sin. They simply do what they do because they care. No crutch needed. This, in my opinion, far outweighs Christianity in the betterment of humanity. Christianity is NOT the way, it is an OBSTACLE to the natural way of life.

Having been raised a Christian and spent a period of my life as an evangelist, Christians virtue signal in a number of ways to make up for the fact that people are good without God.

They say things like “God is Good” implying that if you’re not with their God, you’re not the kind of good they approve of. And loving handouts such as “I’m praying for you” insults the very foundation of being.

Why would they assume there’s something wrong with you that needs their God to fix? The reason for this blind condescending attitude is because they believe that everyone who has not submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ is lost and separated from God — it is an arrogant position.

Its blatantly ignorant to assume your religion on others, because a prayer isn’t just a “prayer” it comes in the context of their belief system and all it implies — and once you learn about it in the next section, you may never want another Christian to pray for you again. Rather, you may want to help them drop the wicked crutch — turn the tables on them, save them from Jesus.

The Evil Bible

Unfortunately, the very Bible that is hailed as God’s word contains unspeakable violence. First, I will show you a few examples from the old testament, and then I’ll break down the Christian faith that’s running on automatic in the mind of the controlled flock.

In Deuteronomy 3, Jehovah orders the killing of all the men, women, and children of each city, and the looting of all of value.

In Joshua 6, Jehovah orders another attack and the killing of all the living creatures of the city: men and women, young, and old, as well as oxen sheep, and asses.

In Judges 21, God orders the murder of all the people of Jabesh-gilead, except for the virgin girls who were taken to be forcibly raped and married.

In 2 Kings 10:18-27, God orders the murder of all the worshipers of a different god in their very own church!

The God of the Bible also allows slavery, including selling your own daughter as a sex slave (Exodus 21:1-11), child abuse (Judges 11:29-40 & Isaiah 13:16), and bashing babies against rocks (Hosea 13:16 & Psalms 137:9).  This type of criminal behavior should shock any moral person. [1]

And if this wasn’t bad enough, the main Christian narrative is the biggest child abuse story in history. Let me lay out the Christian story every follower must believe in order to be saved.

The Horrible Christian Story

The idea of human sacrifice has its roots in deep prehistory, in the evolution of human behaviour. From its historical occurrences it seems mostly associated with neolithic or nomadic cultures, on the emergent edge of civilization.

Human sacrifice has been practiced on a number of different occasions and in many different cultures. The various rationales behind human sacrifice are the same that motivate religious sacrifice in general. Human sacrifice is intended to bring good fortune and to pacify the gods.

Christianity shifted the brutal pagan world to a doctrine that ended seasonal human sacrifice to a “one and done” sacrifice. The ‘ultimate sacrifice “Jesus”, erased the old mythos and provided a doctrine from brutality to a civilized Orthodox civilization. However, the horror of the human predator could not be totally erased as is witness in the inquisition. Rome’s attack on Christians came from an Empire that believed in the same violent doctrine Christians believe in today. Check out Caesars Messiah.

Its more likely that the Christians who were persecuted in the Roman amphitheaters were the Gnostics — Mystical Christianity — a nature (pagan) version. The natural world has always been under attack by the ruling authorities. Why? Because it gives them more territory.

Here’s what you must do to be saved. This is the mind control meme scripted by the Roman Empire for social engineering:

1) Confess that you are a sinner, which means you accept that
you were born inherently evil under the condemnation of God.
2) To remedy the situation, you must accept the blood sacrifice
of God’s son in order to be saved from God’s wrath. This will
protect you being tortured forever in Hell.
3) Accept God’s forgiveness, confess Jesus before the world,
and you will be rewarded with the honor of worshipping Jesus on your knees for the rest of eternity.

So here’s how the story goes . . . God placed Adam and Eve in a fanciful garden full of trees. He conveniently placed a “special tree” in the CENTER of the garden and told them they would die if they even “touched” it. It was called the Tree of Knowledge, and it would “open their eyes” causing them to know good and evil just like God. In other words, it represented independence, thinking for oneself and personal freedom.

Rather being an obedient garden gnome, they would grow into adults and become knowledgeable. I find it a bit sadistic to place the ultimate gift in a garden with your human creations and telling them they can’t partake. Its like your father telling you that you cannot be like him, you can only obey him:

“For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:4

Jehovah has always had a thing for testing loyalty. Its the kind of thing you would find in a dictatorship. Unfortunately for humanity, Eve had a conversation with a snake in the tree and she made an INDEPENDANT decision out of CURIOSITY to learn from her own EXPERIENCE.

This resulted in her “loving father” turning into a petulant, narcissistic monster, dishing out punishments that would last eons until he figured out that torturing his own son would fix the problem. Not even the snake dodged his wrath (which has made it bad for snakes ever since):

To the snake God said:
Cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals!
You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the
days of your life. And I will put enmity between you and
the woman, and between your offspring a and hers; he will
crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

To the woman God said,
I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with
painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire
will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.

Adam’s punishment was pretty nasty too:
Because you listened to your wife and ate fruit from the
tree about which I commanded you, You must not eat from it. Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil
you will eat food from it all the days of your life. It will
produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the
plants of the field. By the sweat of your brow you will eat
your food until you return to the ground, since from it you
were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.

Old Testament Sacrifice

Because God was still pissed at humanity for the sins of the first two humans he made, he demanded that the priests sacrifice gazzillions of sheep and goats over eons to make up for their yearly sins. For whatever reason, God had a bloodlust that kept the flock in enough fear to keep them dancing to his orders. Every now and then God would lovingly test one of his creatures by asking them to sacrifice one of their children (Genesis 22):

God said, “Take your son, your only son, whom you love—Isaac—and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you.”

When they reached the place God had told him about, Abraham built an altar there and arranged the wood on it. He bound his son Isaac and laid him on the altar, on top of the wood. Then he reached out his hand and took the knife to slay his son.

But the angel of the Lord called out to him from heaven, “Abraham! Abraham! Do not lay a hand on the boy, Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.”

Not only were humans God’s slaves but the beautiful angels were his henchmen. As you can see, Jesus wasn’t the only example of God using the death of children to get his point across. I mean, its not like God could have just forgiven Eve for her sin of wanting to learn, thus preventing billions of humans from unspeakable suffering, no, God decided to get nasty about it and make innocent children suffer for generations.

“Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because if there be one, he must approve of the homage of reason more than that of blindfolded fear.”

— Letter of Thomas Jefferson to Peter Carr, August 10, 1787.

New Testament Sacrifice

After generations of human horror and animal slaughter, God got a little tired of the mess and came up with a brilliant sadomasochistic idea — “How about I find the purest sacrifice possible — a one and done deal for the rest of eternity — and that way I won’t have to manage the priests for “sheep purity control” year after year.

So God decided to sacrifice his own son to pay for the sins of humanity once and for all. This would even the score not only for past sins, but for all future sins. Wow, what an innovative idea for a challenging problem invented by a 5-headed Hydra beast.

As the myth goes, Jesus was born without sexual intercourse (because sex is bad) from a virgin by the Holy Spirit. His job was to not repeat Adam and Eve’s sin of disobeying God. In fact, he was called the “second Adam” in the New Testament.

He had to pass all the tests God set up for him (remember the delicious tree of knowledge in the ‘middle’ of the garden?), sort of like an obstacle course for cosmic entertainment. If Jesus passed the test under the worse conditions such as having his flesh ripped apart, being tortured slowly to death on a cross, and spending 3 days in hell (just for good measure), God would be satisfied and forgive everybody who accepts the bloody sacrifice. If you wash yourself in the blood of his son and eat of his body, that being “communion” which is just another word for socially sanctified “symbolic cannibalism” . . . then all is well in the universe.

Now, go to political rallies and tell everyone the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ.

Religious Programming is Child Abuse

Based on what you just read, can you honestly say that teaching this story to children is healthy? The Christian belief system is so blinding that not only do believers bulldoze politics with divine entitlement, but they are seemingly oblivious to the effect it has on children. They are clueless to how their religion programs their children.

Instead of waiting until their child reaches a cognitive age where they can decide if they want to follow their parents religion or not, they become handlers for their children, programming them through prayer, Bible stories, worship, Christian music and movies, activities and church. The child never has a chance to develop their own mind, free from indoctrination.

When children are robbed of their childhood, they become adult children. Christianity offers a way out of suffering through a story invented to replace the childhood environment. For instance, you have God the father (Jehovah), the Holy Spirit (mother) and the Son (Jesus). This trinity provides forgiveness from the Father (the unconscious need for acceptance from authority), the feeling of the Holy Spirit (the comfort and reassurance of Mother) and the obedience of the Son (earned approval). These religious stories serve as templates over generational child abuse which are the effects of the ‘parents unconscious’ transferred to the child by varying degrees. This is the very reason WHY religion works.

When a parent forces a child into a religion, the parent is effectively handicapping his or her own offspring by limiting the abilities of the child to question the world around him or her and make informed decisions.

Children raised under these conditions will mature believing that their religion is the only correct one, and, in the case of Christianity, they will believe that all who doubt their religion’s validity will suffer eternal damnation. This environment is one that often breeds hate, ignorance, and ‘justified’ violence.”


The Ultimate Hypocrisy

Don’t be fooled, Christians want to convert the whole world. They want every person to bow to the bloody sacrifice of God’s son and get saved from God’s judgment. They believe everyone is born sinful and will be tortured forever in Hell if they don’t accept the Lordship of Jesus.

They also have a habit of calling out Satanic cults on child sacrifice when their religion is based on child sacrifice. I think human rights violations should be called out but be sure you aren’t guilty of it yourself.

They also like to call out Totalitarianism, Marxism, Communism, Oligarchies and Globalism when their religion is worse than North Korea. If you don’t tow the line with Jesus and God, you will be banished to be tortured forever. Christianity is the ultimate example of a Dictatorship. Forget the “Jesus Loves You Crap” . . . that’s all bullshit. Its the wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is why they think they have the upper-hand on Love and feel entitled to impose their religion onto others. Why? . . . because:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” — JOHN 3:16

That’s right, he did it out of LOVE. He tortured his only Son “out of love.” Does that sound like anything you’ve heard before? — A parent telling their child that they are spanking them because they love them? A father who will sacrifice his own son to appease his anger? Pretty narcissistic if you ask me.

The idea of God requiring a human sacrifice as an act of Love is disgusting. It is blatant hypocrisy. They believe they have the ULTIMATE LOVE to save souls. They believe “their love” is greater than “your love” while they are use the “opposite of love” to convert you — FEAR.

This is why Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists feel its perfectly okay to knock on your door and let you know you are a lost sinner who is separated from God. Christians are more sneaky about conversion, they just cowardly say “they are praying for you.” This is what I call Divine Narcissism. For more on this read my book unSpirituality: Permission to be Human.

I don’t believe this arrogance is consciously intended by most Christians. I believe they genuinely want a better world — more peace and security for everyone. But what they don’t realize is their very belief system dictates the opposite.

This is the unfortunate reality of faith-based mind control. It is hard for believers to get their head around it because they are “emotionally attached” to the story. Why? Because it satisfies their childhood needs — its the emotional drug of security.

And to make matters worse, Jesus’s sacrifice has one caveat: If you blaspheme the Holy Spirit you will never be forgiven. Can you imagine that? For God so loved the world? He went through all of that trouble and still, you can go straight to Hell.

I tell you the truth, all the sins and blasphemies of men will be forgiven them. But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin.” He said this because they were saying, “He has an evil spirit.” (Mark 3:28-30)

When they discover they are good without the Christian story, they can believe in a providential Supreme Being or simply Oneness with Nature. They are naturally good without God, Period!!!

Christians want humanity to be free as long as they believe in Jesus. Christians don’t want other religions to exist on the planet. They may “act like they want freedom for all,” but their very doctrine dictates the opposite — it is very deceptive — light and love tyranny.

“I am for freedom of religion, and against all maneuvers to bring about a legal ascendancy of one sect over another.”

— Letter of Thomas Jefferson to Elbridge Gerry, 1799.

In closing, I argue that honesty, integrity and morality are survival mechanisms that keep society functioning for the better of the individual. Societies are made up of healthy individuals. Without that, you have mob mentality, much like Christian churches and communist control freaks. The very doctrine of Christianity is totalitarian — don’t be fooled by the “God so loved the world” bullshit.

We do good in the best symbiotic interest of ourselves, family, friends, co-workers and society. A better environment creates a better life through secure, pleasurable, growth. However, humans are also predators and have a history of horrific violence based on the same survival mechanisms. Just look at Christianity, talk about misplaced violence, a religion based on human sacrifice should make my point. If human needs are suppressed then crimes rise. If humans believe in a threat, then offensive actions will be taken such as the case of genocide — its all based on survival.

The most interesting thing I find, is these survival mechanisms work in whatever package the society comes in. From indigenous tribes to empires, the agreed upon reality is where the behavior fits, and the same ethics can be considered a sin from another perspective. Consider how a Christian society looks at homosexuality compared to a liberal society. Both believe they are doing good but both consider the other evil.

The best way in my opinion to solve this quandary is to create a society based on reality and not fictional stories about reality. This requires the ability to critically think about and understand the world as it is beyond belief-based delusional biases.

And as far as death and the afterlife goes, don’t worry about it. Everyone on this planet has gone there — you’re in good company — besides, you never had a choice in the first place . . .

Trust me, its all in the hands of God . . . 😉

— Zzenn

Published by Zzenn

Zzenn Loren is an author, musical artist, philosopher, bio-spiritual teacher/guide, subjective explorer and podcaster. His books challenge long held ideas about religion and spirituality and offer a body-based alternative.

3 thoughts on “Alex Jones and the Horrors of Jesus

  1. I have a very small bookmark folder called “Truthers” Your pages have earned that slot.
    In March of 2018 Alex Jones confessed that Infowars and his purpose were complete…. everything from here on is just gravy.
    Haaha haaa! What did that mean? Jones publicly proclaimed that he was a Judas Goat, but I already noticed that he was hivemind connected… which is wwCult or Mystery School Cult minionhood.

    It is a fake intellectual superiority trait of the thUgs to gloat in front of their targets

    I noticed UGETube for free speech is promoting Alex Jones with the Utah Gun Exchange. Cloudflare was not only used to just ban my IP to access UGETube, but Cloudflare had me, already, in a database (or accessed one) that already linked up my cell-phone browser to be banned access. IP locations were already different…

    This means that a database is already created by the techno-thUgs of the Mystery School to divide and conquer the unsworn.

    The way to overcome the hiveminded, brainchipped minions is to knock-down their microwave-grid… everywhere…. anything that emits microwaves needs to be identified as wwCult, tower-of-babel devices. Communities will have to become locally controlled by the unsworn. Alex jones’ job is to mislead the unsworn away from realizing the future, fake zombie-apocolypse is controlled by “evil” and not the “illuminati”… both of which do not exist except in name. The ancient masters of the Mystery School Cult are the root of the problem and are sometimes called Homo capensis… and they do exist… because one came to glare at me to show me it’s hate for our species that I am protecting.

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